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In Topic: Our Crowds Are Absolutely Crap

Today, 08:07 AM

What about a box on top of the shed with some sort of temporary ladder access when it's being used

In Topic: Our Crowds Are Absolutely Crap

20 March 2017 - 05:19 PM

A lot of people want to work in technology jobs such as software development (like me - currently a software engineer) which Inverclyde lacks. I was also considering a move away from Inverclyde as every job I've ever had has been in and around Glasgow.

In Topic: Greenockmorton.org In Visual Form

20 March 2017 - 04:59 PM

What is the blog everyone is talking about? Is there a link?

In Topic: Our Crowds Are Absolutely Crap

20 March 2017 - 04:58 PM

I remember reading, it was either DDF or Hawke, saying at one of the meetings or AGMs that Morton had an usually high percentage of non-adult gate users, something they have tried to rectify. I can see why they did this but you're right that it's had an impact on gates, I'm certain of it. Whether or not it's made the income lower is another matter, but certainly it will contribute to lower attendance figures.


A lot of businesses model in discounting, even deep discounting, from their regular rate and still make money. (For example, hotels, pizza places, car dealerships.) It's something to consider.


Car dealerships make you think you're getting a deal when really you're not - usually the price of the car you've just got a deal on is still above what they think they'd have got for it. Car price tends to be above what the store forecast they'll get for the car so the salesman can 'do you a turn'.


However I agree more needs to be done in terms of bringing people to the games however if you look at other clubs, e.g celtic they are charging ridiculous prices for tickets and can still manage to get the fans in. I know people from Inverclyde who go most weeks including away games - the problem (for someone who only attended their first Morton game a few months ago) is that the club isn't marketed enough in the local area. No one knows how well the team are doing and probably couldn't tell you who the manager is.


It is fair that they've improved on this in the recent years/months however there is still a lot of improvement and I think the club needs to invest in a proper marketing analyst at a minimum to get the brand out there. Get more video's on social media showing off the players and the games, start up a morton tv (you don't need to livestream every game, just record it and put the highlights up) - I'm sure it'd be easy enough to find people looking for work experience to help out or even volunteers. Some cheap stadium improvements would also help out a lot e.g. paint the roof blue.


I don't think ticket price is the problem for most people, it's the marketing aspect that's failing the club and not pulling people in.

In Topic: Falkirk Away - 18Th March

20 March 2017 - 10:45 AM

Bit of a dilemma game coming up this weekend, what do you want the outcome to be in the Hibernian Falkirk game? 


I feel a draw would be best for our 2nd/1st place ambitions although would a win be better for either side considering our game in hand, if so who would the win be better for? Hibs?