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#1054214 Morton In The Media

Posted by Jamie_M on Yesterday, 09:50 PM


Forbes talking about his goal and Shankland. Forgot they played together at Dunfermline so already have an understanding of how each other operate.
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#1054124 Morton V Raith

Posted by Jamie_M on 17 January 2017 - 04:43 PM

There's a lot of easy deflection and shoot downs going on here.

Someone has posted that their matchday experience didn't go as smoothly as they expected and highlighted it, identifying what they believe to have been the issue. I'd hope those in charge of the Commercial side at Cappielow are a little more open to constructive feedback.

Shotting it down with 'well, ye should come earlier' isn't the answer. Every business with cash paying customers identifies whether their current payment system is working as it needs to - from a Supermarket opening more tills when it's busy, the Scotrail having people with ticket machines on the platform at peak times.

Morton have clearly cut back on the number of open turnstiles and it's showing. We complain when away grounds only open 2 for us. We only opened 4 for the bulk of our home crowd.

It's a trivial issue right now - but there are a few issues that would be escalated if attendances increased as is being hoped.

The matchday experience - i'm not talking Morton putting on a pyro display (the Cowshed handle that when it's needed). But little things can be enough to put people off coming back.

Go onto P&B at 5pm any given Saturday. It's a sea of:

- Queues were too long.
- They only opened 2 turnstiles for us and we missed kick off.
- Turnstiles ran out of change.
- They ran out of pies.
- Pies were cold.
- Had to go to a stupid wee booth to buy a ticket, walk 3 steps and hand it back over.
- Legroom, my knees were behind my ears.
- Nae roof, got soaked.

It's this sort of stuff that turns people off.
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#1054037 Squad For Next Season.

Posted by Jamie_M on 16 January 2017 - 11:34 AM

being a pessimist i usually expect us to fall away and go on a losing run when we are doing well, but i feel confident this season as i genuinely just think that this team is better than the majority of teams in this league, so we should be battling for 2nd and i don't see us finishing any lower than 3rd at this point.


In previous years i'd expect us to screw this up and finish 5th on the last day or something.


Just broke it to my girlfriend that the holiday we were looking to book for May isn't happening. That month is now reserved for our promotion charge and party.

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#1054001 Morton V Raith

Posted by Jamie_M on 15 January 2017 - 08:59 PM

Have heard the story about the club refusing a couple of hundred quid for editing software. To be fair, understandable if they couldn't really justify it. What did they really need? There's plenty of free software out there (that i'm sure most use) - doesn't need to be movie quality. Basic splice and dice, quick intro, nothing more.

It's free entry already for under 12s - which is fine for existing fans taking their kids. But how is that message getting out there to other kids to encourage their parents to take them? I've heard we do some visits to schools. We should do more. What about other groups? Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, BB etc. Could we be targeting them? Encouraging the leaders to take their group along for a day out? I went to my first ever Scotland game this way - with the BB. Could offer the leaders a free ticket to help it along (or free tickets to anyone in those that are 12-16).

It's great to see when the community teams are there at the front of the cowshed, making lots of noise and having a good time. We need to target more of the potential future fans.

As for 'bring a friend' - i'm sure many fans are trying, but it really is hard to coax those stayaway fans back. How about giving season ticket holders a couple of tickets/half price tickets that they can give to friends to bring them along (I know they could just give them to people who were already going to go, giving them a discount but worth a try).

Still too much effort given to targeting existing fans though and asking us to do more. The club need to reach out more to those not attending.

Marketing - social media strategy, local marketing. We've been producing some amazing creative recently (back the boys, Gunning for glory, score to settle etc). But there's no real strategy on how this creative is used. Sometimes sent to the mailing list, sometimes on Twitter, sometimes Instagram, sometimes Facebook. Should be a consistent approach - posted on all social media platforms (and the official site) all at the one time, and some physical posters printed and displayed in key locations in town. Or printed in the Tele as an advert.

I know the previous commercial regime were atrocious but I remember one moment when they actually did some work. We had just pumped Dunfermline away. Within minutes of full time, they sent out a mailshot offering hospitality for the next game. Striking when the iron is hot. We should do more of that.

While they can't guarantee a performance on the park for anyone that comes along, they do have to make sure everything else runs smoothly though. Only opening half the turnstiles at the Cowshed/Sinclair St end for example, and many missing the kickoff due to the queues doesn't help.
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#1053910 Morton V Raith

Posted by Jamie_M on 15 January 2017 - 11:51 AM

When you see how big a squad Raith have, and they are still looking to add a couple, and they can't put a competent 11 on the park, Locke has made a complete arse of it. Good.

That was a huge win for us in the sense that it has given us amazing breathing space in the race for a playoff place. 9 points plus a game in hand is a brilliant cushion at this stage.

We weren't at our best, but our energy and commitment meant it was pretty effortless in the end.

Great to see Shankland get off the mark and it was very visible how much he enjoyed it. Hopefully he can build on that. Fancy him to score more goals between now and the end of the season than Loy does which will give us something else to ram up the demoralised, relegated skunks at that stage.

As for the media, actually think we are starting to get some really positive press. Like the piece midweek about our unbeaten home run. Pundits calling us the story of the season and starting to tout Jim for manager of the year.

There could be an issue coming up for the governing body as they have the playoff final and the Scottish cup final scheduled within a couple of days of each other. They surely can't do that to the famous can they...
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#1053865 Morton V Raith

Posted by Jamie_M on 14 January 2017 - 09:10 PM

Can someone explain this one? https://twitter.com/...321764655906816

This made me smile. Loved the Mighty Ducks films.

The photo is of the 'Bash Brothers' - the enforcers of the team. It would seem that our centre back pairing have given themselves a nickname.
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#1053393 Squad For Next Season.

Posted by Jamie_M on 11 January 2017 - 04:32 PM

And there it is, done deal.

Young, energetic, good lad and low on confidence for Jim to man manage back to the player he can be.

Couldn't be completed until the Loy deal was agreed, allowing St Mirren to end his loan deal.

He's had a bad season so far, but he's a confidence player. Playing in that rotten St Mirren team, to a chorus of incessant boos every week, with abysmal service - doesn't make him a bad player.

Last season showed that he is a more than capable player at this level. Glad he has finally signed and think he will do well for us.

Went on to P&B expecting to read a sea of 'haha - we got Loy and you got our castoff' posts. But all I have seen is posts saying they are a bit disappointed with this, that he is a good player and that they think he will do well here with better service and a more positive situation.
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#1053317 Squad For Next Season.

Posted by Jamie_M on 11 January 2017 - 11:24 AM

Loy made no secret that he wanted to go to Falkirk but they didn't need him.
It's probably as simple as he didn't want to go to someone in direct competition with Falkirk which Morton and Queens are, St Mirren aren't.

Another crazy theory. 'Falkirk don't want me, but I will choose a bottom feeder instead of a winning team so I don't upset a team that don't want me?'

Yes, his preferred Choice would have been t go back to Falkirk where he had his only really successful goal scoring period, but if that wasn't an option it will likely have had little impact on his decision making.
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#1052697 Team Of The Century (2000-2017)

Posted by Jamie_M on 06 January 2017 - 10:31 PM

No way Doyle should be anywhere near the starting line-up. McDonagh and Pepper are far better candidates for RB.

Agree that Doyle is hard to choose when he can't even cement his place in the current team.
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#1052031 Saint Mirren V Greenock Morton - 31/12/16

Posted by Jamie_M on 03 January 2017 - 12:10 AM

Who was the Morton player who stayed on the deck in the box when we scored. Would have needed to decapitate me to stop me joining in those celebrations.

Big Gav?

That's experience right there. Slows things down, let's the dust settle after the euphoria of the goal. Stops any chance of St Mirren getting the game restarted quickly when we aren't ready.
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#1051615 Squad For Next Season.

Posted by Jamie_M on 31 December 2016 - 02:16 AM

Get the new 'Scotrail Main Stand' built.

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#1051394 Squad For Next Season.

Posted by Jamie_M on 29 December 2016 - 10:38 PM

Where has this came from??

his arse?
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#1048641 Do We Really Want The Skunks Relegated

Posted by Jamie_M on 28 November 2016 - 05:29 PM

The Slovak third tier would be an absolute pub league - you;d be as well including all the Junior leagues on that basis. In fact, it won't be too far off the level where this happens:

Case for disqualification IMO.

And some people think the proximity to the railway line is a barrier to redeveloping the main stand at Scappa.
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#1048290 "beith" Vs Greenock Morton

Posted by Jamie_M on 24 November 2016 - 06:26 PM

If there's an inspection tomorrow I assume if he's got half a braincell he'll also take the forecast for the next 24 hours into account.
Why does he have to make the decision tomorrow anyway? Has this been confirmed by the SFA or is it heresay? No reason why he can't make the decision at 10 o'clock on Saturday morning by which time the pitch will be perfectly playable, and if for any reason it isn't it can be postponed before the vast majority of fans have left.


You will never guess who the referee is for this one....John McKendrick
Hopefully if there is any hammer throwing then they are chucked in that clowns direction.

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#1047638 Morton V Dundee Utd

Posted by Jamie_M on 16 November 2016 - 09:33 PM

Nesbitt is playing for Celtic tonight so don't see him starting at the weekend.

Going by that - he'd never start for us. He plays for them most midweeks.
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