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In Topic: Tickets For Next Weeks Game

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

I'm assuming tickets will be on sale at the ground?

The usually are without a fuss.

In Topic: Tickets For Next Weeks Game

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

Morton use Interstadia, St Mirren use Interstadia. Why can't I load the St Mirren game onto my season card...

In Topic: Tickets For Next Weeks Game

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

Last time I was in all of our stock was shunted to the back of the shop.

Bin them

Smiths need binned, I agree, but we can't surely advocate taking it in house and entrusting Morton to set up another cash taking/card swiping operation?

In Topic: Tickets For Next Weeks Game

Yesterday, 03:36 PM

While Ton in Shawlands looks a bit silly for this post when the tickets are on sale, there's been 1 article, a month ago, talking about the tickets being available.

Most clubs would have had at least one 'tickets still available' post since then to continue to encourage fans to purchase them. Then again, most clubs would have had them on sale at the ground when their customer base was present at the 2 home games since tickets went on sale.

In Topic: Season Tickets

Yesterday, 03:29 PM

What they could be doing is preloading the cards with that days game, and issueing a fan card with instructions to register it and load additional games instead of a paper ticket. Those fans wouldn't need to queue for a ticket again. You really want the ticket queue clear for away fans, occasional visitors or folk without the means to get online.

They already feel they are bending over backwards with their gesture of goodwill of freezing prices by removing the surcharge. That's £2 saving they are giving all these people. They are unlikely to give another £2 saving, the cost of the fan card.

What they could do when (it's definitely a when, not an if) they reintroduce the surcharge is to offer cards in the way you suggest. £2 surcharge for a paper ticket with the £2 going to the youths, or £2 surcharge but that £2 is to buy your fan card then and there.