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#1082487 2017 - 2018 - Championship Updates And Scores

Posted by dunning1874 on 12 January 2018 - 03:37 PM

No no this can't be right, the Morton support is actually the most negative in the world to the extent that fans have directly caused defeats with the force of their criticism and even dissuaded players from signing for the club.

As Italian fans protest outside training sessions and smash their own players' cars in response to defeats; as fans in Sweden invade the pitch to assault players in response to relegation; as players in Mali need to be rescued by police after barricading themselves in the dressing room to keep out a rioting mob on the rampage trying to set fire to the stadium; all around the world, players in these terrifying situations still find the time to breathe a sigh of relief that they don't have to face the horrors of the Morton support.

A Togolese footballer sprinting off the pitch to escape a knife wielding pitch invader can be thankful he never had to go through the torment Kudus Oyenuga and Stewart Kean faced when someone said on a forum they'd never even read that he was a desperate panic-buy based on his track record. The Croats removing the rocks thrown through their windows of their houses by their own supporters allow themselves a wry smile, safe in the knowledge they didn't have to endure an ordeal like being booed off by the Cowshed while losing at half-time or hearing someone scream a blood-curdling obscenity like 'That's pish, don't let it bounce'. The club owners in Argentina forced to hand over money to hooligan groups under threat of violence are eternally grateful that they don't have to face something as unbearable as the chant of 'sack the board'.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for suggesting that we're anything but the most intolerant fanbase in the world, frankly.
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#1086285 Morton Vs Livingston

Posted by K K Kelbie on 27 February 2018 - 02:52 PM

Lunchtime walk of the dog shows Battery Park is firm but fine, and there hasn't been much sun on it at all. Would think Cappielow will be much the same...


Unusually, the Battery was frozen before 9pm last night... having been fine at lunchtime. Tough call, I think they might play safe and call it off...


I bet the dog is tired of your pish as well. 

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#1083298 Is It Time For The Rae Family To Move Step Aside?

Posted by dunning1874 on 18 January 2018 - 10:17 AM

I mentioned last weekend that I felt that Morton are being 'downsized' by stealth.
The current situation of Morton looks similar to that of Clyde around 10-12 years ago in their Dougie Imrie era, when they were riding high in the first division only to find themselves floundering in the bottom league a couple of seasons later.
With all these cost-cutting exercises, plus youth for the sake of it, dwindling support, alienation, apathy and disillusion amongst the support; an owner who looks like he's given up etc.
Don't be surprised if we end up just like Clyde in 5 years time.

A less drastic fall than Clyde but nevertheless a club that had a massive collapse from where they looked like they had the potential to be is Airdrie United. They were a full time side when they won promotion ahead of us in 2003/04, with an average attendance of 1800. Their attendance grew in their first season up, then it fell year on year as it became clear they were never going to progress beyond battling relegation. When they did go back down to the third tier they immediately went part-time.

They've been in the second tier three times since and every time they've been relegated, with the Chairman simply saying that Airdrie can't be expected to do better than that. The managers who got them up deserve their chance to keep them up and if they fail, it was all that could be expected for a club like Airdrie; despite the fact their last season in this division saw Dumbarton go from being adrift at the bottom with five points in December to finishing 7th, 9 points clear of 9th and 21 ahead of 10th placed Airdrie thanks to a managerial change.

Airdrie fans took to referring to this as a 'managed decline', where a Chairman obsessed with sustainability couldn't see the wood for the trees and condemned the club to operating at a level where sustainability became impossible as a result. Having entered that spiral of decline, they've only made the promotion playoffs once in their four seasons back down and their average attendances are now comfortably under 1000.

A Chairman who was once seen by their fans as a hero for saving the club (of course this is an incorrect description in Airdrie's case as they died) mismanaged the club so badly over the course of 15 years that he destroyed his legacy by squandering any potential they had. When new owners took over at the start of this month and Jim Ballantyne's long relationship with the club was brought to an end, the overwhelming reaction of Airdrie fans was 'Good ****ing riddance', and rejoicing that he couldn't do any more damage after they spent the start of this season fighting to avoid administration while Ballantyne issued club statements left right and centre accusing fans and journalists of vendettas against him.

There's a cautionary tale for the Raes in there. It's not too late for Douglas' long-term legacy to be salvaged as the man who will be historically remembered for saving the club post-administration, even if those of us who've lived through the 17 years since will remember it as mostly being utter s***e, but time is running out for that. If things get as bad as we fear with the plan of the bulk of the starting eleven coming from the academy when those players clearly aren't ready for first team football being realised and we find ourselves in even the best case scenario of being an Ayr United style yo-yo club with no hope of improvement, he'll be remembered as the man who condemned the club to that existence when even basic competence in the boardroom could have given us so much better. If we fall further than that to the Airdrie or Clyde level, he'll be viewed in an even poorer light.

It's remarkable that we've reached this point considering the goodwill he had in his first few years in charge, but it's testament to his own incompetence rather than any impatience on the part of the fanbase - indeed it's a sign of how ridiculously patient and trusting most Morton fans are that he's still able to live off the goodwill he rightfully earned 17 years ago despite doing just about nothing right since.
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#1077435 Season Tickets

Posted by dunning1874 on 24 October 2017 - 11:34 AM

It's natural that we focus on how it affects us as Morton fans, and of course it's the loyalty of Morton fans that the club needs to earn and keep so that should be their main concern as well, but I actually think it's the approach to away fans which is the biggest indication that no one at the club has even begun to think things through or see how this looks from the perspective of fans.

For a start, when they were clinging to the £2 charge before the system was even operational, they also did it for away fans v Livingston. Now, of course we all know that the £2 charge is a stupid idea even if the turnstiles and website were actually working properly, and the fact that they pressed ahead with the charge before the website was even operational was appalling regardless of the fact they later turned round and suspended it, but charging it to away fans as well just betrays a complete lack of understanding of anything about football fans.

Absolutely no away fan is ever going to turn up at the opposition ground more than two hours before kick-off. At least some Morton fans get the opportunity to purchase their tickets in person through the week, and a few who live in the vicinity of Cappielow may have even had the chance to pop down to the ground on the day of the game - of course, this exposes the club's complete lack of understanding or empathy for out of town Morton fans as well - but away fans? At least we - ostensibly, however many years in the future the website actually works - will have the opportunity to buy tickets in advance, but they'll never be able to do it online, they obviously can't nip down to Smiths or Cappielow during the week. If Falkirk, Livingston or Dunfermline did that to us we would be absolutely raging about it and we'd be expecting the club to speak up on our behalf in the hope of getting them to scrap this preposterous idea. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Then, other than the £2 charge, there's the issue of the massive queues we saw at the ticket office on Saturday. They've suspended the extra £2 charge, but they're still expecting away fans to join the queue for the ticket office. By this point everyone attending Cappielow as a home fan would prefer that we still had cash turnstiles, but the club have made their bed and they are going to force us to lie in it if we still want to support Morton: they'd rather make us suffer than write-off this expensive disaster. That's the reality of the situation and Morton fans will never again enter the ground through any other means than the electronic turnstiles. Fine, hopefully that means they're going to eventually get a system that works properly and doesn't inconvenience supporters, even if it takes decades to get that far.

However, we do still have cash turnstiles at the ground. Cash turnstiles which provide access to the away end, even when the away support is in the main stand. Use them. Even if it's a relatively small away support, as it was on Saturday, you're going to be considerably reducing the number of fans queuing up at the ticket booth between 2:30 and 3:00. Use the Wee Dublin End turnstiles as PATG for away fans in every game regardless of the size of the away support, and the number queuing for tickets in that last half hour before kick-off at the main stand is going to be reduced by hundreds on average. This will, in turn, considerably reduce the queues for Morton fans and should mean fewer people take one look at the queue and decide they'll just go home instead.

Hibs, Dunfermline, St Mirren and Queen of the South all require fans to purchase a ticket before going to the turnstiles. All of those clubs have dedicated ticket offices for away fans only. When we won 3-0 at Easter Road I was late into the ground because Hibs only had two people at the away ticket office and they couldn't cope with a relatively small Morton support. Yet at Cappielow on Saturday they were using one ticket office for the entire stadium. If you have five people trying to process the entire stadium, even with a crowd under 1500, of course they can't get in time.

Of course, as the queue this weekend was at the ticket office while the turnstiles had no queues whatsoever, the club are no doubt going to look at that and decide the solution to the problem is to reinstate the £2 charge, as this will encourage people to purchase tickets before the day and reduce the queue. In reality, people are just going to stop turning up if they can't guarantee they'll make it before the day. The correct way to make this work is to divert the away fans to cash turnstiles and expand the ticket office at the ground to provide more ticket sellers, while scrapping the £2 charge permanently. The bulk of attendees are always, always going to turn up on the day to buy their tickets there, this is simply a fact which you're not going to change. Morton have a responsibility to provide a service acceptable to supporters and that includes giving them a chance to actually get in the ground on time having turned up an entirely reasonable 10 minutes before kick-off.

You'll note that none of the other clubs who require tickets to be purchased from an office/booth before going to the turnstiles charge a surplus based on when fans buy the ticket. That's because penalising people to try and force them to buy tickets early is only going to stop all but the most diehard fans attending rather than reducing queues. Some people can't guarantee their attendance if they don't live in the area, some people work Saturdays and won't know until the day if they can get away on time, some people are just fairweather and only go to a game when they feel like it, which is fine. When you punish them for that, they'll just ask why they should bother and chuck it.

Electronic turnstiles are, by themselves, a perfectly fine idea. It's just a shame the company we've got couldn't get them working until three months into the season. A website to buy tickets is a good idea. It's just a shame the company we got to do it can't design a website and it still isn't working at the end of October. Allowing fans to buy tickets in advance is a good thing and doing so with a fan card that allows fans to register is also a good thing, it's just a shame the club have absolutely no understanding of their fanbase whatsoever and came up with the absolutely outrageous idea to charge extra if you choose not to buy in advance.

For all the problems, this can still be made to work. Electronic turnstiles don't have to be broken, the website doesn't have to be a mess, the club don't have to spit in our faces by charging extra for buying on the day. Having a functioning website with the majority of fans registered would be a really good step. The club could have a database of all their fans to hand which allows them to easily target specific types of fan with commercial/marketing emails. If we were ever to progress to the top flight and find ourselves regularly having all-ticket away games we could do away tickets through the website as well, and linking that to fan cards would allow the club to start operating a points system for all-ticket games, with regular attendees getting priority if we were ever in the position of selling out away allocations. Lots of good can still come of this system and there's no reason it has to continue being the shambles it's been so far, but it's incumbent on the club to show the willingness to fix it.
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#1087463 Livi Vs The Famous

Posted by Jamie_M on 14 March 2018 - 12:36 PM

Just because we made the playoffs, doesn't mean it's a given we should "comfortably" be there again this year. It should be the target of course but there were 7/8 clubs who will have targeted a top 4 finish at the start of the season, at least half of them probably with bigger budgets than us so from that point of view, we are doing ok. That might well change in a few weeks but to suggest Duffy should be sacked after a couple of poor results is nuts IMO and again this is from someone who is not really a fan of his and regularly gets right on my tits!

Bit of realism needed IMO.

We retained the bulk of a playoff achieving team. We enhanced it. The league is significantly weaker than last year. Many teams have regressed, the relegated team is honking and we have a non-participant in Brechin in the league (who we have unforgivably dropped point to). We should be more than comfortable and actually challenging with competence in the dugout.

Look at Livi. Built a squad to survive but with a bit of competence find themselves inexplicably challenging at the top. The quality is abysmal in this league this year.

All budget conversations are irrelevant when Duffy refuses to use his full budget.

It's not a reaction to a few poor results (and there has been more than a few over the season). It's the resurfacing, again, of the issues that have plagued Duffy's reign and the reasons he continually walks the TTG tightrope.

We would be playoff comfortable and title challenging if we had a competent manager - who:

Didn't build a squad for a destined to fail 433.

Who unsurprisingly ditched it after a few games leaving us with an unbalanced squad.

Who failed to rectify it by signing a winger until halfway through the season

Who changes winning teams and formations for no reason dropping points in the process.

Who fields weakened teams in the biggest games of the season against promotion rivals to favour a practically unwinnable cup game (dropping points in the process).

Who refuses to use all his budget

Who persists with players who have been under-performing for months (Russell and Doyle) partly due to having no competiton (particularly Doyle and see 'failure to use all his budget).

Who openly admits that he had no idea how (and was too stubborn to admit his initial mistake by changing it) to try to change a game we were getting gubbed 3-0 in after only 30 minutes (see changing teams and formations and fielding weakened teams).

Who, when he does make a change, makes us weaker and leaves us exposed.

Who continually talks up rancid opposition teams as if they are Champions League winners (giving him an excuse when we drop points to the Brechin Barcelona).

Who insists on Duffyball far too often when we actually do well when playing football.

Who's team's home form is shocking.

Who's team looks like downing tools again with a third of the season to go.

His list of failings and the reasons many have lost faith with him span way further than 'a few poor results'.
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#1084212 Season Tickets

Posted by Toby on 03 February 2018 - 02:32 PM

Just went to buy my Dumbarton ticket there- not in until Monday.

I really, really, really try not to be too critical of the club, to the extent my mates label me a happy clapper but ffs, shag in a brothel stuff, this. And Dunning’s just told me they do have them in Smiths.

The IT not working after months on end is one thing, but getting small details like this so wrong, so often, just sums up the club’s utter incompetence here.

So, in order to save my ever so valuable £2 (which I intend to save) I have the option of using a website that I’ve got zero faith in without knowing whether I’ll get it loaded onto my season ticket, or a paper ticket to collect, relying on a mate who shouldn’t have to go out his way for me, or coming through to Greenock far earlier than I have to and spending more than the £2 I’ve saved in the pub as I kill time before kick off.

The club really know how to inconvenience folk- bra-fucking-vo.
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#1083603 Jai Quitongo

Posted by Toby on 26 January 2018 - 01:43 AM

What happened there?

At the Falkirk game in September there was a steward who took a bottle of juice off a kid. Unpopular decision, and he came in for a bit of criticism, but it’s his job.

That day, the queues were horrendous because of the new turnstiles, and Bob put a picture of the queue at 3pm on the fans' Facebook group. A bit of discussion ensued, and it led to folk talking about said steward and his attitude.

Zhivago was of course going “Full Zhivago”, labelling the poor guy a ned and slaughtering him for having a swagger. Unbeknown to Zhivago and the rest of us though, the guy and his girlfriend were members of said group and read what he had to say. His girlfriend quite rightly took umbrage with a stranger giving her man a character assassination and gave Zhivago a piece of her mind. Good lass.

Now, there are a couple of possible courses of action here;

(i) Stick to your guns, tell her why you’ve got good reason to criticise a guy who’s only doing his job because you don’t like the look on his face or his swagger.

(ii) s***e yourself and block her, killing the conversation stone dead and allowing you to kid on that it didn’t happen.

I’ll let you decide what route the bold Colin went down.


Zhivago’s a f*cking coward.

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#1083184 Is It Time For The Rae Family To Move Step Aside?

Posted by dunning1874 on 17 January 2018 - 09:25 AM

If wee Craig isn't good enough and he's getting played for the sake of it then I agree but if he's good enough then there's no issue. Like I said, there's no harm in aiming to fill the team with youth but it should only be if they are capable of doing a job.

They're already including players who aren't good enough for the sake of it though.

Warren Hawke's repeated public pronouncements along the lines of 'we have between five and seven youth graduates in the squad for every game ' make it apparent that the club already sees having as many youth products as possible in the first team as an end in itself regardless of the impact on results, rather than the correct approach of youth products who are actually good enough for the first team being brought through, with the only intended outcomes being success for the first team and revenue from player sales.

The evidence that we're taking the former approach - the stupid and harmful one - is plain in the bench on matchdays and in our transfer policy. Jim Duffy tells us that he chose to release Connor McManus because we're "over-saturated" in midfield, yet Ruaridh Langan, a player who was behind McManus in the pecking order, is included in the first team squad every week. If we were so over-burdened in midfield, why is a youth player who isn't ready included in the match day squad now that one player has left? Ben Armour has been used from the bench eight times this season, often when we're chasing a game. These players aren't ready for Championship football. Scott Tiffoney being in and around the first team squad at this point isn't ridiculous, but taking part in 17 of our 20 league games already? Does anyone truly believe he's good enough to play that regularly for a top four Championship side, which should have been the minimum target for the club this season if they actually bothered to set targets?

Moving away from the debate on here recently around whether even having a youth setup is a good thing, let's take it as a given that it is for the sake of argument. The whole point of the exercise should be to produce players who are good enough to achieve success playing for Morton's first team, but the club is already claiming success on the basis of the number of players in the first team despite the fact the club are going backwards on the pitch. It's not good enough and it's deeply concerning in the context of what they'll consider to be success for Morton in years to come. Will they be happy to see us scrape 8th in this division every season provided we do it with 5 academy graduates playing regularly? If we end up relegated to League One, is staying there a price worth paying for giving more youth products a chance? Their approach suggests a complete detachment not only from the ambitions of the fanbase, but more importantly from the reality of how a youth system is supposed to work.
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#1082730 Morton Vs Grangemouth

Posted by gmfc23 on 13 January 2018 - 08:20 PM

Forgot to add get it right up you clydeveiw.
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#1067933 2017/18 Signings

Posted by Ray Von on 26 May 2017 - 05:37 PM

Heard from a few people that he was at Cappielow today.

Probably signing up for that fat bastards keeping fit thing.
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#1031778 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by Toby on 03 May 2016 - 08:59 PM

Ten years on, and after spending the whole season in the play off positions without threatening to actually win the league, former manager Jim McInally's Peterhead fail spectacularly at the first hurdle once we get down to the nitty gritty. Can't think where I've seen this story before.


Another play off failure for oor Jim, better hope there are no sectarian bigots that are losing their patience in the Peterhead support.


Fantastic :D .

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#1087276 Falkirk V Morton - Match Thread

Posted by vikingTON on 11 March 2018 - 07:01 PM

Typical pish in the post-match comments about the team 'just not being at the races' yesterday. Well yes Jim - that's probably because you stacked the team with crap Falkirk rejects again. And despite your delusional belief that a similar lineup deserved a point from the Livingston game, your brainless lineups got what it merited - absolutely **** all from two league games. And if the team isn't at the races, it's your job as a manager to change the game using tactical adjustments and subs instead of just standing there and staring at it like a massive, shiny headed tit.
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#1086867 Morton Ceo Warns Fans They Will Be Risking Their Lives To Get To Celtic Cup...

Posted by GiGi on 05 March 2018 - 09:31 AM

That letter seems perfectly reasonable (apart from a couple of typos) although perhaps he should have added potentially before criminal. Perhaps people should just behave like responsible adults instead of getting upset by a wee telling off.

I think the part that got people upset, as you put it, was that several people were ejected for no discernable reason ie not causing a disturbance and not refusing to leave.

There was a minor incident right on kick off where the stewards were dragging one guy out, dunno what for, but nothing else happened. The police showed up in the 2nd half at some point and took 6-8 more people out. Some were near me at the time and I can confirm none of them committed any sort of offence and no one resisted being ejected.

Sending warning letters to people who were innocent of any misconduct and telling them they were involved in something they were not is obviously going to piss those supporters off. The club might have asked those people to give their account before threatening them.

Morton were certainly not as quick to act on supporter misconduct when **** were throwing bottles but hey ho.
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#1086507 Scottish Cup Quarter Final

Posted by GiGi on 02 March 2018 - 02:54 PM

The people who think the game should be postponed are probably the same morons who have cleared the supermarket shelves of bread and milk.

Maybe you should go back to stacking them and stop looking for attention on here then.
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#1083331 2017/18 Signings

Posted by shagster on 18 January 2018 - 04:14 PM

Good a midfielder signed , that should provide full back cover. Now we just need a striker to play in midfield and a defender as a winger and a keeper to play candy crush on the bench.

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#1083033 Q&a With Warren Hawke

Posted by TonInDublin on 16 January 2018 - 12:34 PM

It's probably what 99% of clubs do and is nothing to get upset about.


This. Just ****ing this !!!!! This in one sentence is everything that is wrong with Morton right now. The club just don't give a fúck about the fans, and we are all standing about sucking hind tit while it's being allowed to go on unchecked.


Let me be very clear - when I have stood in two stupid queues to buy a ridiculously overpriced ticket to watch a Championship game, when that game is played by a manager and a team who half the time look like they don't give a s***, and who consistently allow teams who are truly appalling to beat them, and when that game is played in a stadium that is as cold as a polar bears balls - then yes, I have every right to get upset that I cant even get my hands on a cup of Bovril or a pie to make the 90 minutes both survivable and bearable.


But the whole club reeks of this attitude - ah don't get upset about queuing twice for entry, don't get upset that you are getting absolutely rode on the admission price, don't get upset that the turnstiles don't work, don't get upset that you might be killed on the road cos we cant be arsed paying for you not to be, don't get upset that there are no programmes, don't get upset that the team are managed by a clueless buffoon, don't get upset that half the players don't get upset when they play pish, don't get upset about a board that doesn't give a **** about the fans and a CEO who is absolutely clueless, and while you are at it don't get upset that the catering of the ground, which could and should be providing much needed revenue to the club, is rank rotten.


I have NEVER come across a business that cares so little about it's customers - and it's getting to the stage where they don't deserve to have any.

I have travelled over 4 times this season from Ireland - but after my experiences I won't be back in a hurry. Sadly it sounds like a good few other local people and loyal, die hard supporters are thinking the same. 


It's a s*** state of affairs - but hey, nothing to get upset about. 

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#1082729 Morton Vs Grangemouth

Posted by gmfc23 on 13 January 2018 - 08:19 PM

Dougie and crawford **** right off asap.
Jim Duffy **** right off asap.
Happy clapping bastarding fans you can **** right off aswell you've got the club you deserve so enjoy it you happy clapping ****s.
Real fans of morton enough is enough why are we accepting this pish ?
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#1082231 Q&a With Warren Hawke

Posted by vikingTON on 10 January 2018 - 11:45 AM

One thing that should be corrected ASAP is the clear disparity between our walk-up ticket prices - among the highest in the division across all categories - and the actual quality shown on the pitch and ambition behind the scenes. Queen of the South are £16 for adults and £9 for concessions, which is an entirely reasonable price for midtable standard football on a fortnightly basis. Morton are charging nearly a third more for no discernible benefit to the paying customer. Without investment in the team to show for that expense then that ticket pricing structure is not going to be sustainable for any length of time. 

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#1081591 2017/18 Signings

Posted by Ray Von on 05 January 2018 - 02:40 PM

Right winger would be required. We have Tiffoney for the left and he changed the game against st Mirren.

Heard we’re in for Tommy Robinson from Luton.
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#1087732 Is It Time For The Rae Family To Move Step Aside?

Posted by dunning1874 on 20 March 2018 - 11:37 AM

This went under the radar a bit with being posted on a Saturday. Is there much detail in the accounts or is it just headline figures? Making a six-figure profit is obviously extremely welcome, but is it the kind of profit we can expect to make every season?

The 16/17 League Cup had prize money for losing semi-finalists of £70K, plus £20K for televising the game, so that's £90K of the £130K profit there before we even consider gate receipts. The overall semi-final gate is split four ways rather than just taking half the gate for your own game, so due to the sell out in the other semi-final we've had a share of 68000 tickets rather than just the 16000 that attended our game.

Prize money for the last 16 of the Scottish Cup got us a pathetic £12K, but we did get a share of a 30,000 crowd at Ibrox.

The prize money for finishing fourth last season was £274,300, plus whatever little amount we made from the playoffs. Average league attendance was 2362, down on the previous season but still higher than the 10 years before that and higher than we'll have this year.

This is why I'm really interested to find out the breakdown of costs. If turnover has gone up that much where exactly is the money going? Was our wage bill much higher than any of us thought? Are we being told again that Cappielow costs hundreds of thousands of pounds more to maintain than any other ground, even those like Palmerston or Stark's Park which aren't new builds, with no explanation of why? Is it likely that not having the League Cup run this year will see us go back to making a loss?

I want to react with cautious optimism, but without wanting to sound ridiculous in response to news of a six-figure profit when we've been loss-making for so long I can't help asking why the profit isn't bigger. We were generally running at losses around the £200K mark throughout our time in this division when it was still run by the SFL before the restructuring of prize money. Now the prize money we've received for finishing fourth is more than £200K higher than we received for finishing second, you'd think we surely have a considerably smaller first-team wage bill than we did from McInally to Moore, our average attendances are higher at a higher price yet it looks like the only thing stopping us making a loss has been a run to a League Cup semi-final, which is hardly something we can expect every season. Which costs have increased so much over that time that stop us turning a profit from a top four finish alone?
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