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Club Stature

13 May 2017 - 01:06 PM

Been thinking about this for a few weeks. What are we? We've had increased media attention this season but the narrative has always been that of a small fairytale. "Look at how good a job Jim Duffy is doing at Morton, they're punching well above their weight." If it was Raith, QOTS or even Dunfermline in their first year back finishing fourth I can't imagine the same terminology being used, or subtle-patronising going on. Are we not pretty much where we should be?

I've always considered us a bigger club than both Raith & QOTS, and not that much off Dunfermline. Similarly, I've always seen us as equal to the likes of Inverness, St Johnstone, Ross County, Thistle & St Mirren - despite them enjoying top flight stability for a good period. Recently, wether it's the spell in League 1, I feel like we've sank to a level of Ayr United diddyness.

Like a lot of the support, I've never seen us play top flight football but it has always been drilled into me we should be. As has the notion there's thousands more Morton fans ready to come to games when we eventually do. I'm not convinced that's the case anymore.

A few seasons finishing in and around the playoff spots might rid us of this diddy mentality, I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm reading too much into lazy media coverage. I do feel like there's a certain acceptance of mediocrity at Morton now, when there shouldn't be. We can get promoted, and similar sized teams have shown we can be more than cannon fodder up there.

TL;DR, Are we a complete diddy team now?

The Big Ginormous Playoff Thread

06 May 2017 - 08:08 PM

Here we are then. Thought it'd make sense to have one big thread rather than various match threads. I have no confidence, none, and even though these are some of the biggest games in the club's history, I could not be more unarsed than I am currently.

By all accounts, we had a decent showing today and United couldn't beat our under-strength side. There's no reason we can't get past them if we play as well as we're capable of doing. We've only lost to them once, and a lot of their fans have already turned on the manager. A result in the first leg then a s***fest draw in front of a incessant with rage Tannadice would be perfect.

Falkirk can't beat us. If this were a one off game, I'd be pretty optimistic, despite their tendency to score late goals against us. The real difficulty lies in them having more match fitness, as well as having scouted us twice the week previously. Given we've looked shattered for about two months now, it's hard to see us being anything other than shattered heading into the second leg. We could use the momentum of getting past United in our favour though, you never know.

If we somehow scrape though we'll be facing one of Motherwell, Hamilton, Dundee or Inverness. Hamilton, please.

For Tuesday, I'd go -

Doyle O'Ware Kilday Lamie
Forbes Murdoch Tidser Nesbitt

I don't like leaving Lindsay out, but someone like Tidser in the middle to calm things down could be invaluable. We could of course start with Lindsay and bring Tidser on later on as he'll never be able to do 180 minutes in three days, but I'd rather he was on there as much as possible. I still think Duffy will end up playing Shankland, despite Kudus looking like the better option, but we'll see. Having the latter to come off the bench may be a decent asset as well.

History Of Morton @ The Beacon

04 May 2017 - 02:04 PM


This could be decent.

Best Takeaway In Inverclyde?

19 April 2017 - 02:36 PM

The Tele are running a poll on this at the minute. What's the best takeaway in and around the Inverclyde area?

Obviously depends on what you're after but I'd go with Saba. China Garden is still probably the best Chinese, Luigis is probably still the best chippy.

Am I wrong?

Morton Vs Ayr

17 April 2017 - 06:05 PM

We really, really need to get back to winning ways. There are zero excuses for not beating the worst team in the league at home, zero. They had a decent point on Saturday, but are still bottom of the league and heading down.

Doyle Kilday O'Ware Russell
Forbes Murdoch Lindsay Nesbitt
Tidser or Scullion

I'd be fine with Lamie or Russell, neither have covered themselves in glory recently, but Russell & Nesbitt did link up well at one point in the season. By all accounts, Scullion did well on Saturday and was our most threatening player, I'd be fine with him starting especially as Ayr at home was his last positive contribution to the first team. If Tidser starts then fine. As long as he's played central and not on the left flank.

No Donnelly, no Shankland, no Kudus, please.

Three points here and we still have a chance of second.