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Dundee United Vs Morton

Today, 03:42 PM

Pretty big game this and there's no reason why we can't take something from it. Not sure what Duffy's going to do though. I think the system used at Ibrox could work, but I wouldn't like to see Shankland dropped. Perhaps something like this?

Kilday Lamie O'Ware Russell

Forbes Lindsay Murdoch Nesbitt



McDonagh had a nightmare against Falkirk and I really don't fancy him at RB on Saturday. Still not convinced about Kilday there either but he's at least a defender by trade.

Greenock Juniors

17 February 2017 - 04:48 PM

Originally posted in another topic, but someone suggested I start a thread. Greenock Juniors are about to go under. I know very little about the situation other than they're supposedly in debt and could cease to exist very soon. They helped us out when we were in difficulty, would we be willing to do the same? I'd certainly chuck a few quid in a bucket at Cappielow if we had them.

Anyone know anything more about the situation?


15 February 2017 - 06:16 PM

Kilmarnock are looking for a new manager. Naturally, Duffy's name is being tossed about. A Kilmarnock fan I've just spoken to seems to think he'd "walk over hot coals to manage them." I am not particularly convinced. However, if he was offered the Killie or Dundee job in the summer, if we've failed to gain promotion, could anyone see him taking it?

Both are bigger clubs than Morton, not by much, but have better resources are more money and would offer Duffy the chance to manage in the Premiership again. I can see him being tempted.

Raith Rovers Vs Morton

05 February 2017 - 03:51 PM

Important we take something from this game to make sure we're not heading into a tailspin, and also so we're not heading to Ibrox with zero confidence. Raith are mince and in utterly horrendous form. Their supporters seem to have had as much Gary Locke as they can handle and we're in good position to heap more misery on them.

I'd make some changes, just to keep things fresh.


I'd take a draw, and no nore injuries.

Colt Teams In The Diddy Leagues

18 December 2016 - 02:54 PM

I haven't actually seen the article, but I'm led to believe it alleges Morton would be one of the clubs in support of this nonsense because of money from Celtic.

It's unlikely to actually affect us, but having B teams (let alone one currently struggling in the development league) in L2 is farcical, and a potential nail in the coffin of lower league football here. There are no arguments for it, none. Especially not because it "works" in Spain & Germany.

I do hope I'm not the only one that would be #seething at the club if they did indeed back it.