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#1064847 Dunfermline Away Match Thread - Tartan

Posted by TheGoon on 28 April 2017 - 06:15 PM

Might be a glorified friendly but I'm still dissapointed to be misding this. EEP's a decent ground. I'd normally try predict the team and score but there's literally no point. A win would be nice.
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#1064570 Morton Vs Ayr

Posted by TheGoon on 22 April 2017 - 05:08 PM

"What are we playing at with that goal!? It's fourth we're wanting, tell them to chuck one in."

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#1064556 Morton Vs Ayr

Posted by TheGoon on 22 April 2017 - 04:33 PM

I should be delighted we're in the playoffs, especially given the start we had to the season, but I'm just very underwhelmed at the minute. We could, and should be doing better.
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#1064553 Morton Vs Ayr

Posted by TheGoon on 22 April 2017 - 04:29 PM

Point is better than nothing, and I'm glad the playoffs are at least secure. We've not beaten Ayr United at home though, are now 7 games without a win and can't finish second. It really has been, yet another, balls up.
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#1064367 The Cowshed

Posted by TheGoon on 20 April 2017 - 02:58 PM

Looks a bit ridiculous tbh. I don't see the strip of mesh adding any atmosphere.

The mesh isn't adfing atmosphere, the away fans right beside the most vocal home fans are.
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#1063947 Jim

Posted by TheGoon on 15 April 2017 - 11:37 PM

Utterly gutted. A great guy that will be sorely missed.
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#1063875 Raith Rovers V Morton

Posted by TheGoon on 15 April 2017 - 05:32 PM

We got the League Cup semi, unlucky not to get to the Scottish Cup QFs and have made the playoffs. If offered that at the atart of the season, I'd have bitten your hand off. If Duffy has a bad start to next season then he'll likely be under pressure, but I think talking about sacking our best manager in donkeys because of a bad run and misjudgement in the January window is a bit ridiculous.
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#1063242 Morton Versus Saint Mirren

Posted by TheGoon on 11 April 2017 - 08:56 PM

We've worked so hard this season to get in a fantastic position and now we're doing our best to throw it away. Totally scunnered.

How unlike us.
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#1063236 Morton Versus Saint Mirren

Posted by TheGoon on 11 April 2017 - 08:51 PM

That's the first time I've ever left Cappielow early. Shocking, appalling, gutless, spineless - I cannot put into words how bad that was. The one thing I've never been able to fault is this team's heart amd desire, that waa nowhere to be seem tonight. Second to ebery singlr ball, tactically inept, embrassing. Every single one a disgrace to the jersey this evening. Mark Russell in partivular. He better get his act together fast or a promising career is going down the tubes. Shankland, pathetic. Send him back to Aberdeen tonight, I don't want to see him play for us again.

Fair play to St Mirren, they were ****ing brilliant, great travelling support too. Jack Ross has done a magnificent job there.

We are out of steam, and will not finish second.
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#1063027 Thread About Ex Player

Posted by TheGoon on 10 April 2017 - 03:38 PM

Then explain the life-sized statue of him outside Blundell Park.

I'm not this forum's expert on current affairs in Grimsby.
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#1062857 Morton Vs Hibs Iv: This Time, It's Personal.

Posted by TheGoon on 08 April 2017 - 05:15 PM

That first half was atrocious, the less said about it the better. The second, we went at them a bit more and exposed just how shaky they still are at the back a bit more. Forbes & Tidser had nightmares, Forbes in particular hasn't been at the races for some time now. I feared the worst when Shankland appeared but he did pretty well, as did McDonagh. It was either Hibs or United last year we put him up front against late on and he caused the same kind of problems. I'd certainly prefer to see him deployed there more than at right back.

Our biggest failure this season, as has been brought up many times before, is not bringing in a credible centre forward. Someone capable of turning games like that today into a win. We've lacked one for far too long, and we won't get through the playoffs without one. I understand Shankland was supposed to be that, and I did get the signing at the time, but it hasn't really worked out as anyone imagined. That being said, hopefully his goal today gave him a bit of much needed confidence which he can carry into Tuesday. He, as well as a few other thousand folk would love to see him scoring against that lot. We can but hope.

Tldr; a good point considering how poor we were earlier on, but I can't help but feel Hibs were there for the taking, again. Bring on the scum.
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#1062444 Hibernian Vs Morton - Wednesday 29 March 19:45

Posted by TheGoon on 04 April 2017 - 04:38 PM

We're going to end up with Andy Bryan managing us for the Skunks game.
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#1062426 Morton Vs Hibs Iv: This Time, It's Personal.

Posted by TheGoon on 04 April 2017 - 12:47 PM

Well then, this should be interesting. I'd take a point if offered, but given our last two results we could really be doing with three.


Doyle Kilday O'Ware Russell

Forbes Murdoch Lindsay Nesbitt



I wouldn't be averse to Nesbitt through the middle as well, but Tidser did very well at Easter Road.

A point and a complete and utter hounding of Neil Lennon would do me.
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#1062415 Hibernian Vs Morton - Wednesday 29 March 19:45

Posted by TheGoon on 03 April 2017 - 10:32 PM

Kudus has indeed been cleared of diving according to the Record.
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#1062278 Dumbarton V The Famous

Posted by TheGoon on 01 April 2017 - 03:59 PM

Utter s***e. Why anyone in their right mind would applaud them after that I don't know.
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